[Post using Angular2 RC4 + @angular/forms module]

Imagine you want to validate a field using another one with the last angular2 form API. In fact you can’t do that directly in a custom field validator but a really simple way to do it exists and this is what i’m gonna show you there.

➜ The form API

Here are the three differents form elements in Angular2:

  • FormControl: A form entry, could be an input[type=text], textarea, select,..
  • FormGroup: Composed of FormControl and FormGroup/FormArray, each item contained got a string identifier. It could be an entire form or a subform.
  • FormArray: Same as FormGroup but acts like an array (you can push, insert, or removeAt), useful for dynamic length (add a list of urls for example).

Each of these elements inherits from AbstractControl. And if you go check this abstract class, you will see it means all got these following properties:

  • pristine / dirty / touched / untouched / pending / valid > Boolean showing state of the control/group/array.
  • valueChanges / statusChanges > Observables to catch whatever changed in the control/group/array.
  • errors > A key/value object with all errors (if errors it is) on the control/group/array.
  • value > Typed any because it is an object litteral for FormGroup, an array for FormArray and anything for a FormControl (string for a input[type=text] for example).
  • validator / asyncValidator > list of sync and async validators.

This module is awesome and allow to code complex things properly. Like you can see, FormGroup have a validator property and this is the one to use to solve our problem.

➜ Slice our form

So create a subform containing only fields needed for your validation and add your custom validator as parameter like this:

// Note: formBuilder.group(...) === new FormGroup(...)
this.rangeForm = formBuilder.group({
  'range':          new FormControl('', Validators.required),
  'specificValue':  new FormControl(null)
}, {
  validator: this.specificValueInsideRange.bind(this)

Then create your main form including it:

this.mainForm = formBuilder.group({
  'rangeForm': this.rangeForm,
  // others controls

Th HTML markup looks like this:

<form [formGroup]="mainForm" (ngSubmit)="send()" novalidate>
	<div [formGroup]="rangeForm">
		<select formControlName="range">
			<option value="">Select a range</option> 
			<option *ngFor="let r of listRanges" [value]="r.id"></option> 
		<input formControlName="specificValue" type="number"/>
	<!-- Others controls -->
	<button type="submit" [disabled]="!mainForm.valid">SEND</button>

And finally, here is our custom validator accessing our 2 FormControl value to check if it fit well:

specificValueInsideRange(group: ControlGroup) {
  const range = this.listRanges.find(r => r.id === Number(group.value.range));
  if(range && (group.value.specificValue < range.min || group.value.specificValue > range.max)) {
    return {
      outsideRange: true

Here it is, we got our custom fields validation, the specificValueInsideRange validator function will be called anytime something change inside rangeForm.

➜ Demo

You can check this example in the following plunker: